How to Learn Social Media Marketing?

Yeah, that a good question, right? In the time of vast majority resources on and off the internet it is quite big challenge to learn social media markting. By saying challenge i mean, to choose the right information which lead you through the big amount of information in a quick way. I think that’s a dounting task for every entrepreneur who wants to achive it’s goals in a short period of time. So, Hubspot is always to the rescue!

Please, read this article carefully, and let yourself into this journey to the marketing land with this post. Good luck!

How to learn Social Media Marketing from Hubspot

Finally. One of the Solutions to the Large Scale Laravel Application

Dear Reader,

yes i want to address to you like that. Dear Reader, finally it is here, people start talking about the Laravel implementation as a Large Scale Application. At first, Laravel was ok, for everything, but when you go deeper and look for the LARGE projects in PHP, especially in Bussiness, be it B2B, Enterprise or whatever, Laravel seemed like a toy, Symfony framework was the only solution (you can argue in the comments about that, but i think that it is). With these article appearing on the net maybe Laravel will gain more strenghts in this departament and bussiness people will consider it better tool to solve BIG problems. Maybe. It depends on the things that will happen tomorow and a year after tomorow. We will see and follow the trends. Ah, and by the way – read this article, it worth you time spent on this.

Large Scale Laravel Application