The Ecommerce Website of the Day: Modern Rugs

Hi there,

i would like to start some sort of a series which will be describing the nice website, which i found and which i really like.

The main criterias will be very simple: Visual and Convenience on all platforms i use, i should be comfotable not only on the desktop but on the mobile as well. Those of you that are developing the web applications know that this is it, all you need to have user attention you should not only be the good looking thing but your application should have clear functions and services and after using it you should feel joy: i bought this and my life getting easier and better!

So, let’s start. Entering the address, what we are seeing is really nice, very warm representation of your internet store.

Let’s think about what you should see when you looking for the rug of the internet. First, i think you want to feel good at home and your home design should gain more complete feel when you drop the rug here.

By scrolling down we see list of the styles of the rugs and the colors. Good choice to leave it here, because first you think about the style and the colors.

On the top of the header we find main categories for our rugs. They all are written in upper case letters are very clear and bright. On the right side you can find Search box, My Favourites and Empty basket. Icons and fonts are stylish and look fantastic. The frontline foto really let’s you imagine that you are in the big bright room with nice and new furniture. Look’s good, let’s move on.

Nice big front visual looks like it is your room with big rug. Very warm and nice. Thank you,!

After scrolling down we see some styles and colors and, off course, let’s not forget our VIP users, Premium collection section which is very clear and visible.

Then we find a best price guarantee badge which looks good is trustworthy and inspires us go further.

And here we go, we are finding there a big blah blah blah text area where we find that this bussines is a high standard and will not dissapoint. OK, i believed it. What about you?

Well, let’s move on to hte product line up and any of the buttons in the upper corner. Her we go, we see the best feature of this website. When you hover on the particular picture of the rug you see a possible variation of sizes and prices. That’s neat and this is the feature why i am writing this all article about.

It is very convenient for you to take a quick sneak peak at this website and you see what is available and you can choose any rug for your room very quickly. That’s it folks, take care!






Premier League Fight in Mobile UX Field

Good day, fellows, and today we have a very nice comparison of mobile UX/UI between two footbal clubs. Arsenal vs Spurs fight should be interesting not only in the soccer field but in the field of mobile web design as well. Please enjoy reading this article!

Arsenal vs Spurs: Mobilu UX Fight!

Framework Wars: Vue vs React

It is always good to have popcorn at home and watch some fights on TV, right? Especially, when you see heavyweight champions fighting to the end for the trophy and finally, someone gets knocked out. Yeah, but what about the reigning in the web development world? Who is the winner here? As i mentioned earlier in this Boostrap vs Foundation post, fights are getting stronger and stronget.

Today, let’s meet ReactJS on the one end and VueJS on the other.

Please read this Vue vs React carefully, find some winning point for yourself and please comment it.

Happy coding!

Connecting Frontend with Backend by using Cors Middleware in Laravel

All beginners in web development could think that Frontend and the Backend lies in the same place. Really, i though like that a while ago. But suddenly, i saw a really nice tutorial about connecting Frontend with Backend. It is just an amazing this that could laravel Middleware could do.

There are some advantages of this solution:

  1. Separate teams for frontend and backend – different development cycles, git repos.
  2. Separation of concerns: both are concentrating on their own goals, architecture, speed, etc. Let’s say backed is responsible for data processing and frontend for user interaction.
  3. REST or GraphQL as API backend is more open to the addition of further clients (native mobile etc.)
  4. Separate deployment schedule. Faster server for static fronend resources (webpack, grunt), increased scalability.
  5. Increased testability.

Though the extra efforts needed to control the process:

  1. Well documented API is mandatory for both teams.
  2. Integration tests needed on the frontend,

Source: Ballint Sera on MediumSix Reasons from Quick Left


Please take a look at this tutorial and feel free to comment.

Cors Tutorial by Academind

Additional info about CORS:

About Cors

Mozilla CORS resource

The Most Impressive Resume Websites So Far

Every developer should have his own webpage, right? But there are thousands and thousands of developers, how can you represent yourself better/louder than the others? The answer is your skills should be seen on the internet somehow. You are a developer, you can do this. But if you have no ideas at the moment, you just browse the best portfolio sites on the net. Here i found the most incredible websites. Please enjoy.

One of the Best Ever if not the Best:

R Leonardi – Personal Site Like A Game

You can try to Find Matthew:

Find Matthew

Awesome Animations – Josue Espinoza:

Josue Espinoza

Simple Games:


If you found something more interesting, please show it in a comment.


ML/AI Influencers You Need to Follow

It is obvious that ML/AI is the Big Trend right now. Even Google announced that future direction is AI.  If you are interested in this field you have to be thinking who are the most influential people in this field and what are the most popular blogs.

Well, i try to give you an answer.

Influencers are here:

Capterra Blog


Andrew Ng

Blogs are here:


Hackernoon Through Medium


Quora’s answer

That’s it for today. Keep reading!

Boosting the Accuracy of Your Machine Learning Models

Yeah, that’s right. It is easy. No i am joking. Everytime you want to achieve accurate results in whatever science or everyday life you need to have accurate data (information) in order to make a decision. Well, machine learning can help with that. Please, read this article and try to figure out, how could you apply these thing in your work.

Boosting the Accuracy …